HYD&AU VÉRINS, your best partner for all your technical projects!

HYD&AU VÉRINS’ expertise and ability to fulfil to most of its clients’ issues are largely based on its design office located in Fauillet (47).

Thanks to the strong mechanical, hydraulic and electrical skills, our team of engineers supports and advises you on all types of projects to bring you the best manufacturing solution.

HYD&AU VÉRINS offers two solutions for the manufacture of your cylinders:
– using standardised parts from our modular range to provide you with a custom-designed solution
– custom-made designs according to your technical specifications

Looking to the future, HYD&AU VÉRINS is engaged in a research and development approach on different technologies to maintain and develop the quality of its products and propose innovative solutions.

Bureau etude


  • Draft designers
  • Plan on Topsolid 3D with PDM server
  • Calculating finished items with TopSolid modeling tool
  • Computing and material strength
  • Pre-launch acceptance plan for manufacturing
  • Research and development and product optimization
  • 100% of production goes through development
  • Various waterproofing solutions (Viton, Composite, Chevron)
Vue transversale vérin hydraulique


  • Rear front shock for mobile and industrial applications
  • MTS or Balluff linear motion sensor
  • Design of aluminum jacks, 700 bar jacks
  • Pressure multiplier design (200-4000 bar)
  • Mastering many materials, ALU 7075, 30CND8
  • Development of single and double-effect telescopic jacks
  • Verins without volume variation
  • 1 patent (end of mobile race by mass return)


  • Euler and Tetmajer flaming calculation (coef 3)
  • Tube resistance according to Lamé
  • Checking and calculating screwed sets
  • Welds by NF-EN 287-1 standard
  • Foods according to NF EN ISO 1179-1
  • TOLERANCEs by ISO 2768-mK
  • Tests according to NF ISO 10100:2001

HYD&AU VÉRINS is working on Topsolid Missler with a PDM server, and a finished element module. Each study file consists of its calculation score, the holding of the flamingo, and the half-cut acceptance plans. Each case is followed by a projector, who remains the customer’s preferred interlocutor, throughout the design of his product.

With the support of HYD&AU FLUID, we not only look at the cylinder as a mechanic, but also as a hydraulician. We think of the cylinder as a complete function responding to a global need. Flow pressure, effort, size are taken into account to offer you the ideal technical and economic solution.

Romain FRUCCO, Commercial Director


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